DURAMESH Suturable Mesh combines the principles of a mesh repair with the placement precision of a suture.


The Problem

Standard sutures can cut through otherwise intact tissue due to the pressure of a sharp leading edge - described as “suture pull-through” or “cheese-wiring.”

Suture Pull Through.png

The Solution - DURAMESH Suturable Mesh

Duramesh™ was invented by Gregory Dumanian MD, Professor and Chief of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine. As a triple board-certified surgeon with over thirty years of clinical experience, Dr. Dumanian identified the need for a surgical device to use in high tension closures that could distribute forces and achieve a lasting hold without pulling through tissues. Motivated to solve this problem, and inspired by his own patients' acute and chronic needs, he invented Duramesh™ Suturable Mesh.

Suturable Mesh Equation 2-01.png

Innovative Design

Duramesh’s patented design has more surface area than standard sutures to distribute forces and reduce suture pull-through.

Suturable Mesh’s open-walled, hollow core design is unique. It permits fibrovascular ingrowth into the device during healing.

Surface Area Graph-01.png

Easy to Handle, Use, & Tie

Duramesh’s handling and use are equivalent to those of a standard suture.

Duramesh’s novel design allows it to collapse when tied, resulting in a low profile knot.

Learn about Mesh Sutured Repairs

The “Mesh Sutured Repair” surgical technique uses cut strips of mesh to close the abdominal wall. The following video from the 2017 Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Conference in Washington DC contains examples of multiple Mesh Sutured Repairs.